Congressional Caucus Joins Fight Against Citizens United

By Anonymous Author

The (CPC) Congressional Progressive Congress is the first congressional caucus to join the fight to reverse the Supreme Court decision for Citizens United.  Due to the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United Ruling, corporations and unions can participate in election actions which were considered illegal before January 21, 2010.  In the Citizens United Ruling, corporations gained “free speech rights” due to their “corporate personhood”.

The announcement comes 89 days after Capitol Police arrested Occupy protesters at the Supreme Court during a protest organized by Move to Amend on January 20th, 2012.  Six of the Occupy protesters arrested are awaiting awaiting trial.  The hardship on the arrestees is multiplied because they live as far north as Wisconsin, as far east as Pennsylvania and Maryland, as far south as Texas and as far west as California.  But, as the occupy solute “solidarity” infers, the six have agreed to stand together and defend our right to speak out against the Citizen United decision to the end.

Occupy protestors can feel at least a little sense of accomplishment for their sacrifice as government officials and representatives take notice and take action.  Less than 90 days ago, a Wisconsin native was arrested for protesting against the Citizen’s United decision at the Supreme Court.  This Wisconsin native was from the 2nd District which Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin represents. Congresswoman Baldwin is also a member of the the Congressional Progressive Caucus which now supports overturning the Citizens United Ruling. Coincidence? – Not likely but maybe more indirectly than directly.  As the fight continues, one can’t help but wonder, “How much cooperation will there be between the government and the occupation as things progress?”  This is what democracy looks like.

Who Are They Protecting?

The American people slept in a quiet slumber before Occupy Wall Street. Few realized that our country was not run by the people, but by the powerful, privileged, and wealthy. After the bailout of the banks and the slowly simmering political discontent that resulted, hundreds of people from around the country went to directly confront the Wall Street banksters that had ruined the economy and brought misery to millions of Americans.

Occupy Wall Street has been the reawakening of political consciousness in the US. After 9/11, President Bush told us to shut the fuck up and keep shopping. We were told to not question the government and to not voice any political dissent. For so long, we had been good little serfs who blindly trusted the government, watched mainstream television, worked full time jobs where we were treated like slaves, and generally lost all sense of our own complicity in our oppression.

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Locating the Energy for Change / Occupy Tampa Direction & Goals / Appreciative Inquiry Responses

Focus on a high point, a time in your experience working with the occupation when you felt most alive, most engaged, or most successful.

  1. Initially being a part of something so completely new. Even adjusting to the structure of GAs. and thinking this whole back and forth and equal roles for everyone was most likely how our country was formed originally.
  2. a few days after it started when there was a lot of energy and potential for the camp, then later on when we talked about taking over homes because i saw the long term viability in it.
  3. Supplying stable infrastructure.
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