Locating the Energy for Change / Occupy Tampa Direction & Goals / Appreciative Inquiry Responses

Focus on a high point, a time in your experience working with the occupation when you felt most alive, most engaged, or most successful.

  1. Initially being a part of something so completely new. Even adjusting to the structure of GAs. and thinking this whole back and forth and equal roles for everyone was most likely how our country was formed originally.
  2. a few days after it started when there was a lot of energy and potential for the camp, then later on when we talked about taking over homes because i saw the long term viability in it.
  3. Supplying stable infrastructure.
  4. After hosting an event that sparked ideas and discussion and when surrounded by people all working for the same thing.
  5. I gave a speech were I dared to say everything I believed without holding back. Because I often triangulate as an organization leader, it was refreshing to give my all.
  6. Just communicating w/ people of all ages, and backgrounds and discovering we all are working to create a better society.
  7. the first day, when there were 200+ people, was amazineveryone was excited, people were playing music and chanting, and friendships were made.
  8. Gaining friends while helping organize the occupation along with the first general assembly meeting held downtown brought feelings of encouragement. I found myself consistently frustrated knowing that people were fighting for our rights as a nation in NYC and I had many obligations and lack of financial backing keeping me here in Toledo. Once the planning for Occupy Toledo began and during the first meeting I become incredibly emotional. I realized that this movement is real, the people are strong and determined, not to mention the fact that I am one of them.
  9. The first day of the occupation was a great moment.
  10.  I always feel alive and engaged when i am at the occupation. Just being around a group of like minded people makes me feel like we can make a difference!
  11. the 11.11.11 day march was a very empowering and engaging experience which i felt very energized by, “down with the Thanatocracy!”
  12. at the initial oct 10 GA
  13. Moments at GA, moments in workgroups, moments in learning – moments that showed me a movement valuing inclusiveness above all and people working hard and smart to acheive that valuThis survey is also one of those moments for mJust the existence rejuvenates me and my belief in this movement.

What did the occupy movement do right? (nationally and/or locally)

  1. raised awareness. brought people together. created some sense of hope that perhaps the situations could be changed somehow.
  2. extremely accessible, touched on broad issues that resonated well, was setup in a way that made it a good foundation for further actions, unified communities that were previously divided, made very few assumptions about direction, ideology et
  3. People recognized the goodness in each other and people put forth their best ideals and motivations.
  4. Brought people together who share common goals but have traditionally worked through a variety of other means (lefty org’s, communes, activist circles comprised mostly of just friends).  Gave people a free and open forum in the form of a PHYSICAL SPACE THEY COULD GO TO.  The space being seen as public was a big factor in this.
  5. We stood in a circle under the stars and listened to each other. Then we went out and did something about it. We were more than a good talking group. We are a doing group. We have gone beyond boutique activism (Hedges) and are troubling the belly of the beast, (Wall Street)
  6. Brought the Occupy message home to our city and the world
  7. maintained an inclusive-as-possible atmosphere
  8. Non-violence, inclusiveness, equality, open-minded and -hearted, avoid money
  9. Many things, pursuing and implementing a true democratic system first and foremost, in terms of voting, allowing all voices to be heard, and maintaining equality throughout. We all have our own personal opinions but we also have a lot of commonalities which must be addressed and the movement has continuously promote Nationally the sight of videos showing evidence that protesters were upholding their non-violent peaceful stance while police officers continued to flirt with assault was remarkable. The organization of the camp in NYC including the library amongst many others I considered impressive to say the least.
  10. – The media/communication was really well done. – Focusing on foreclosure was also a fantastic ide
  11. Bringing people together and getting people to wake up! The occupy movement spread like wildfire… People are starting to wake up. I feel that this movement is very empowering. If there was ever a time when you wanted to make a difference, wanted to fight for change, but thought you were to small to be hear. The movement has given the people a huge voice!
  12. the occupy movement has done right by not affiliating with the Democratic Party and by remaining a decentralized directly democratic organized movement.
  13. “natonally – light the spontaneous fire that has spread; locally – same for the toledo are..the ongoing efforts to bring needed change”
  14. Nationally, Occupy Wall Street did a great job splashing into the public consciousness and offering a template and online resources for others to do the same in their cities.  Occupy Toledo responded to this call very quickly and effectively and brought a diverse group of people together.  Focusing direct action on foreclosures – one of the biggest, most visible, most fucked-up problems in our area – is also doing it right.

What makes a general assembly go well?

  1. with proper facilitation everyone does have a voice, a vote and a chance to make their opinions known. Obviously the easiest GAs are those when everyone agrees to begin with.
  2. Important things to discuss, good facilitation, positive atmosphere, conciseness, everyone contributed
  3. Enthusiasm and good weather!
  4. Having a facilitator who guides the discussion properly.  Having a stack taker who pays attention and quickly moves things alonHaving solid proposals that have been worked on beforehan  Having all participants aware of and familiar with the GA process.
  5. Speaking truth to each other about our positions and the process itself, while remaining kind, and respecting the assembly rules, makes the assembly go well.
  6. All present listened and brought their thoughts to the subjects at han  If there was a problem it was discussed w/ respect for the others’ right to express their point.
  7. people understanding power dynamics and when to step up/step back; staying on topic; getting a huge decision made
  8. predetermined agenda items that have been discussed in working groups
  9. The very first assembly had an awesome presence and an impressive turnout, also the respect throughout the crowd pertaining to taking turns talking, understanding that selfishness would only waste time, and the flow of story-telling which aided in building relationships and giving those involved the realization that our frustration is in fact shared by many. Keeping things short and to the point helps maintain attention especially when applied to a large group. I also feel that organization before the assembly by the work groups along with those that want to share is necessary and maybe even allotting time slots for non-facilitators to speak about their personal goals, values, and beliefs towards the movement.
  10. A good facilitator.
  11. the last GA that I attended was held at the Green Party headquarters and went very well. People listened to each other, the facilitation was fluid and effective and no one blocked decisions to disrupt the flow of the meeting.
  12. participation by many…the passion tends to be infectious
  13. Active stack-taking and facilitating (as long as the facilitator is active in facilitating, not answering questions or participating without stack) can make a meeting seem productivNew people talking energizes the whole meeting

When, in the course of your involvement with the group, have you felt particularly empowered?

  1. everyone should be able to feel empowered within this movement. All it takes is presenting your ideas in a way to win people over to them,
  2. whenever there was a need that I had experience or knowledge in.
  3. When value is attributed to what I have to share.
  4. When I was asked to facilitatEspecially so when I started and completed a project with the support from many in the group.  Hosting events and workshops.
  5. It is nice to see and hear affirmations from the group. But I am a person of considerable privilage. I benefit greatly by staying quiet and waiting my turn.
  6. By being able to offer campers the opportunity to bathe and relax in my apartment which was close by.
  7. when i did an oppression workshop and people were actually interested; the first day during the GA
  8. While I did feel empowered with the solidarity at GA, working groups were the most empowering to me. Discussion, somewhat of the ideas, but mostly of how to bring the ideas to action in our daily lives, empowered me in a lasting way.
  9. I felt empowered the minute I walked into the first organization meeting, knowing that I was sitting in a room of free thinking individuals, some I had never met, and yet we had so much in common already. I feel as though I can actually make a difference, or at least help when it comes to fixing the broken nation and connecting with others to discuss topics that aren’t covered by the media but are far more important than what senator is cheating on his/her spouse.
  10. As i said above, i find the whole thing empowering. I really loved the marches that we did! I only wish that the “global day of action” march was larger. All the conversations i have had at the occupy are important… Before this, i wanted social change but i idnt know what to do. Now i feel like i have people who “get me” and i feel like we can make a difference.
  11. attending the GAs and hearing others speak w.respecT
  12. I felt empowered when I was the stack-taker; I felt empowered in GA reflection sessions after the GA and was told about problems with my stack-taking; I feel empowered in private conversations listening to other thinking about our organization and process.

In what ways has your involvement with the group enhanced your life personally?

  1. I feel hopeful again, I realize I let go of a lot of things I did when i was younger simply because after years and years it starts to feel pointless. Now I can feel like if I shop locally or skip Christmas or use cash or whatever, others are doing so as well and it could add up to something that matters.
  2. reinvigorated revolutionary spirit, new connections and more optimistic view of things
  3. I have branched out into other movements.  There is so much to do, but Occupy has been the trigger allowing me to voice my opinion.
  4. I am now a member of EmpathySurplus.  Wow!   Is it wonderful!
  5. Made lots of very good friends.  Spent quality time with existing friends.  Got back in touch with long lost friends.  Made priceless romantic connections 🙂
  6. The Occupy movement meets a core need I have to do some kind of direct action against this world domination system.
  7. It brought me back to listening to my own heart and thoughts as well as learning new things. I also am able to share what I know from my experiences in the anti-war demonstrations of my youth.
  8. i’ve made many new friends; when the encampment was going on i knew i had a place to go where i could talk to people, instead of being isolated
  9. My job is over this month. While I’m still not sure what I’m doing afterwards, Occupy has helped encourage me about working with community gardens next year. The focus on personal responsibility and community self-sufficiency makes me feel that my efforts will not be ignored and that there will be others working alongside me. It has encouraged me to and continues to provide opportunity to use my education to the benefit of the group (a general term, not specifically Occupy) outside the monetary system.
  10. I have always had passion towards community-growth especially in Toledo along with politics and wanting to bring crucial information to the maintstream. With that being said, I was also on the verge of giving up hope that this would ever truly be possible. I believe it is, and I believe we’ll see it sooner than many might think at that.
  11. I am ashamed to say that i have been pacified by my belongings. I figured that i have a home, we have food, we have “entertainment”…things that keep us zombifie Alot of times politics and stuff like that confuses me so i dont pay attention…i figure as long as i have a roof, a job, and can feed my ki.. Whatever. I saw a livestream of OWS, and it was getting violent. The one cop said that his ” nightstick was going to get a workout”. I was appalle It got my attention.i started listening to what those people were saying and reading things about the occupations. I saw that we were starting an occupation in Toledo, so i went down there to check it out. I started talking to people and i started to realize that I Am pissed off too!
  12. continued my revolutionary spirit
  13. I’ve met a lot of great people that I didn’t even know lived in Toledo!

In what ways has your involvement with the group contributed to your relationships and conversations OUTSIDE the group?

  1. better conversations outside of the occupy, more surveys i get to fill out
  2. I am practicing my long lost skills of reframinRead George Laikoff.
  3. Thinking Points.
  4. Have gotten a chance to talk about issues with others.  Many friends who could not make it personally showed a great deal of support.
  5. It is a bit of a social risk to claim my place within the occupy movement at work and among my peers. Mostly the response has been positive. But even when it has not been positive, the Occupy Movement has shown itself to be superior to just voting and going on one day parades.
  6. I have had many conversations about the movement and learned from those that both approve and disapprovI also was able to teach others about the Occupy Movement and saw some light up with excitement.
  7. family and folks at work ask me about OT.  i try to dodge the issue alot, though, because i hate defending my views sometimes.
  8. The movement is a popular topic of discussion, and it has been a positive discussion even if it got off to a rocky start with some neo-conservative acquaintances. The calls for action discussed at the GA resonate with almost everyone I’ve talked to. The movement has helped spread a feeling of empowerment beyond itself.
  9. My focus has shifted to surround myself with intelligent free thinkers who would rather sit around and discuss current events as opposed to socializing and ignoring the shit around us. I have gained self-respect especially through my education (both college and self).
  10. Bah! Thanksgiving was awkward because my grandma saw me on tv at an occupation event ( i believe it was the global day of action march) anyways, she didnt speak a word to my husband or our daughter! My brother in law said she is terrified of the movement and cant believe we are a part of it! I have alot of friends at work that ask me about occupy. I love to explain to people whats going on and watch their faces change as they think about their own life!
  11. tell a few others especially my closest friend
  12. Talking Occupy with people I just met leads me to talking about politics much earlier in the timeline of the conversation.

Think of the characteristics about yourself that differentiate you from everyone else. How do these make you special or important in the group?

  1. mending relationships, opening dialog and resolving conflicts are my specialty
  2. Problem-solving matters of infrastructur Engaging people with a friendly, loving attitude to help them see me as a savvy elder.
  3. by being a vocal voice for an underrepresented oppressed class.  It helps to give the group broader appeal and insurance that the safer space policy will be uphel
  4. I have been studying politics and economics for about ten years. And I stay up to date by reading from progressive websites every day. I think one area where I was able to use my gifts was by making informed arguments on our facebook page in support of the Occupy Movement. I think this was a helpful apology and encouragment for our group.
  5. I am one of the elders and act as a mother figure to somI have sung at the campsite and supported those who were having problems relating to others.
  6. i have a great ‘toolbelt’ with being a social worker, so i have used those ‘tools’ at many different times within the group
  7. My dedication to a cause is kind of rare and also can result in being hyper-focused or working 12hr days. I enjoy being relentless, and this movement is a good constructive outlet for that. People notice and appreciate that intensity when I talk with them about the cause.
  1. my ability to empathize along with the fact that I am constantly focusing on alternative perspectives different from that of my own, which allows me to grow and learn while maintaining a neutral outlook when working with others.
  2. I’m a migrant in the worl Have a international view of what’s happening to this country.
  3. “can add from experience. i listen and am patient”
  4. I know a lot of people in local politics, service agencies, and advocacy groups.  I want to talk about process and organization structure and how to create an architecture for inclusive decision-makinThough maybe that doesn’t make me different here.

What gives life to the occupy movement? Nationally or locally.

  1. I think the main thing that needs to be maintained is hope. If individual people continue to believe they can create change, it will happen.
  2. people
  3. The enthusiasm of youth combined with the awakening of the 99%.
  4. A general dissatisfaction with the current political and economic conditions.  An interest in active rebellion/revolution for others.
  5. The occupy movement, by the act of sustaining the protest in a stable location, brought many of us individual activists together. We saw we were not alone. We discovered that we like each other. We see the brilliance in each other. We have become a community of resistance.
  6. The willingness of Occupiers to listen and shar
  7. Their intelligence and motivations to bring about the changes that will help our society survive and grow.
  8. The international flowering of concern for others in different situations in different locations.
  9. The closeness of Occupiers that allows individuals to be a part of a greater wholTo find a family outside of genetics.
  10. the community
  11. I don’t know; to me this is kind of like asking how life originate
  12. breaking barriers to get in touch with everyone by helping them understand how the movement relates to them.
  13. The crisis of the global economy. More specifi.. the downfall of the capitalism system.
  14. I think that meeting like minded people who are going through similar things and getting a chance to discuss these things gets people fired up. Up until this point many of us were content to hide in our houses and be dumbed down by our tv. We have been content to hide in the house and communicate via text messages and facebook. The movemnt has gained a following thanks to the internet.. But i really believe it is because it forced us to come outside and see what is happening. We have lost our ability to communicate face to face with each other.. With the movement… People are waking up, coming out of there houses, talking face to face with other people… Its beautiful!
  15. recognition by more and more that there must be real change and to adopt and embrace real action
  16. The problems with corporate power.  Hope.

When have you, or when would you, feel especially motivated to start, or complete a project?

  1. when theres a deadline or an urgent need or it has something to do with ninjas
  2. I am currently putting together sayings, slogans…. to display on the road frontage of my farm which will engage people in reframing vague ideas.
  3. I am focusing on cleaning up politics and supporting universal health car
  4. When I felt it important to do so.  If I could tell the group needed something, like education in certain areas.  Or if actions were needed to be taken, as in response to somethin
  5. I am motivated by the group synergy.
  6. I have felt most motivated when I feel that I am using my time efficiently to accomplish a task that benefits others or myself, often in a way that cannot be quantitatively measure I am now feeling motivated by the impending collapse of the global economy that will necessitate an active, loving restructuring of civilization that Occupy should be ready to facilitate.
  7. when my sanity depends on it or when i need to regain focus and confidence in my abilities and knowledge.
  8. everyday really 🙂
  9. I would feel motivated to start a project when I feel like I have the time to start a project.  I feel motivated to help complete a project when somebody else is doing exciting work, seeking new ways for positive communication and decision-making.

Why do you think the media remains fascinated with the occupy movement?

  1. I think a lot of this is reflected through the lens of the 60s. both for people who remember it firsthand and those who have only read about it in history. The media wants another large scale movement to focus on. Also the battles to maintain camps have actually increased media interest. People being pepper sprayed or tear gassed adds a surreal note to a story that wouldnt have mattered much after a short while, basically a bunch of people freezing in tents.
  2. hey see its resonance and potential power and want to harness or attack  it for ratings, credibility, money and use it in anyway they can.
  3. They know it is real and not going away.  The Arab Spring woke everybody up.
  4. Because of it’s fluidity, it’s unorthodox nature, broad appeal, unpredictable.
  5. It is new. It is different. It is brining creativity into direct action. Occupy has the power that comes from speaking plain truth. Occupy pointed the finger at the bad guys on Wall Street that own Washington, rather than getting lost in the DC political swamp.
  6. Because this is a movement that is not ruled by individuals but is run by consensus of all involve  This is a new  (to the media) form of organizational cooperation.  Not the usual pyramid but a Horizontal form.
  7. america is not used to something like this.  the occupy movement has many anarchist principals and the media in the US isn’t used to it.
  8. They cannot reasonably ignore the movement now that its ideas are in the hearts and minds of many Americans. The media can only favor the establishment by obscuring the message and distracting from it.
  9. The media remains fascinated because they aren’t the popular topic within the movement. most people pay attention to the media and use it to guide in decision making, the movement may pay some attention mainly to gain insight and understand what alternative stories and problems our country is actually plagued with.
  10. Because it is now an international movement.
  11. Because we are legion. Because they are frightene Because they know that we are no longer content to be sheep….. Plus i am sure it is good ratings. :). Then the other turn of the coin, some of them try to discredit our movement at every turn, they try to continue to separate us by causing fear. The media stirs the pot and the classes separate themselves…therefore people who are not part of the 1%… who are in fact part of the 99%… are angry at those of us who stand up and say no…
  12. they are fascibated because they do not know what to really report
  13. It fits into mainstream media narratives, but also provides lots and lots of issues for blogs and grassroots media to explore.

Describe our ideal future. In the short term (say, 2011).

  1.   for Toledo or nationally? Getting people into vacant houses is a good step to start with. There needs to be continuing support by the general public for whatever actions come next. After a point camping in parks or protests and march lose interest. Most people can feel some sympathy for others who have been thrown out of homes they lost because of economic downturn. Other actions that connect with regular people watching it at home will also maintain that connection. Dropping use of big banks and big business. etc
  2.   take over a home(s) start tight knit neighborhood networks that will start to resolve issues locally.
  3.   Clean up politics.  Get everybody thinking about supporting at least one person willing to run for office at the most basic levePrecincts, first.
  4.   Continue with actions and community buildinAttempt to continue uniting disparate groups.  Bring individuals together in spaces where all can feel welcome and safe.
  5. We will keep the pressure on Wall Street, particlarly those that engage in destructive financial speculations. They will no longer be able to get away with their spins using words like, job creators, Free Market Capitalism, and variants of how deserving and special the financial elites are. They are now exposed as the elitist entitlement babies they are. We will continue to broaden the range of acceptable discourse and deepen the conversation getting past the thought terminating cliche’s, and craven politicians will move toward the 99%.
  6. Politicians should stop listening only to their Party Leadership and start listening to their constituents’ views. Politicians in Office who order the use of Extreme Force against Peaceful Demonstrators shall be liable to Felony Action by Special Prosecutors from outside the jurisdiction of the Politician.  ALL TROOPS SHOULD BE WITHDRAWN FROM AFGHANISTAN AS WELL AS IRAQ AND ANY ACTIONS OF WAR BE APPROVED BY CONGRESS AND INVOLVE HEARINGS THAT INCLUDE OPPONENTS OF THE PORPOSED ACTION. The President must make the request for such action and recieve Congressional approval by a super-majority of Congress (both Houses) before acting.The Pres. may act in direct response to attacks on American citizens within our own borders. No government may limit citizen access to the internet in any way.
  7. the occupation will continue to meet on a regular basis and, come spring, we’ll meet outside again.
  8. The range of political discourse desired by the average American will expan Americans will talk more with their friends, family, community, etc about these issues. Occupy movements around the world will become more organized and prepare
  9.  When money isn’t a matter of life and death, when people work together (all people including corporate jerks) to better communities. most importantly when people understand that thinking for themselves is the only way to gain momentum in their own life but also to attach them to a like-minded community.
  10. A world without any form of autority. Manage by the people themself.
  11. Everyone has a home. Everyone has healthcare. Everyone has foo Everyone has utilities….gas electrRunning water.
  12. The work of the foreclosure group brings mass awareness to a huge problem in Toledo, and the positive changes created by the exposure establish Occupy Toledo as an effective, worthwhile group.  Occupy Toledo hosts General Assemblies that attract large numbers of new peoplThe General Assemblies empower people and give them both a glimpse into one new way of decision-making and a hope that a new way is possible.

Same as above, but in the longer term. (2012-2013)

  1.   same
  2.   lots of neighborhood networks, centered around occupied cooperative social spaces and homes that coordinate actions that make the city very afrai
  3.   Get a foothold in the precincts (sp)?  and exert pressure on the countydelegates.
  4.   Finding a permanent home base with land and a structur
  5. We will initiate a tax on financial speculations, restore Glass-Steagall, and initiate a movement for a world wide socially responsible corporate charter system. (See Marjorie Kelly’s work in The Divine Right of Capital) We will change the way person’s think about a graduated inheritance tax. It will no longer be able to be called the death tax. It will be the meritocracy not aristocracy tax. We have to pressure the medi Their manufacture of consent must meet its match in our anger and our repudiation of their trivial corporatist pap. If we can’t break them up, we should go around them. They sell us their agenda on our public property airwaves. It should be our 99% agenda on our public airwaves. Who’s airwaves? Our Airwaves!
  6. The Supreme Court should reverse its decision on Corporate status as personhoo The Police use of weapons against peaceful demonstrators will be declared Unconstitutional and any order to use such weapons be a major Felony and the Perpotrator/s can be subject to arrest and incarceration.  All reviews of such actions must be done by parties outside of the Police Force responsible for the action, and include Private Citizens, Legal Academics, and include Public Hearings of the facts, w/ testimony by all interested parties.  These can include Rank and File Police, Victims, and witnesses of the actual action. Individual Corporate CEOs and CFOs responsible for the Financial collapse of our Economy may NOT receive any Bonuses from their individual companies, and ARE subject to Prosecution in Federal Courts. All Stimulus Monies paid to Large Financial institutions must be paid back to the Federal Government within a limited amount of time set by Congress. Profits made by Corporations must be Taxed and Tax Breaks cannot be given to any Corporations who received any Stimulus Funds.  This should be backdated to the start of the the Stimulus Programs.  No Corp. or Financial Institution receiving these funds may sit on them and consider them Profit.  They must put this money to work and encourage new employment opportunities, expansion of business opportunities outside of pure capital accumulation, and helping consumers who have been damaged by Corporate Gree Loans are a different matter, not related to outright grants, and early repayment should be require
  7. Twinkle fingers will be household manners.
  8. The accomplishments of 2011 will effect voting in the primaries and general election along with day to day activities of the average American.
  9.  focus on self. avoiding materialistic items when they can be created by oneself and then understanding the satisfication this provides. education for all and breaking boundaries and stereotypes by implementing the idea that being “cool” is being smart, respectful, and true to yourself.
  10. Ibi
  11. Same as above. I would like to see community gardens, wind farms, solar energy. Safe alternatives to the energy we are using. I would like to see a continued push to help our neighbors.
  12. General Assemblies have to be moved at least partially online because of the level of participation.  People are excited to attend because the meetings facilitate making connections with others to work on issues they care about, and the collaborative work creates results.  Occupy Toledo has secured the use of a public space, like many other occupations around the country and the world, and occupation-hoppers can stay at the space as they travel and spread knowledge and connections.  But people are also excited about General Assemblies because they are amazed at how the meetings include so many people and viewpoints but still work, still get things donMany realize that the same processes could be used in a constitutional convention.  In conjunction with other occupations statewide or nationwide, we host our own conventions to decide how the constitutional convention will work, which allows the process to be infused with Occupy values and goals, like the safe space policy.  The success of our conventions creates more mass confidence in the hope of the 99% actually rewriting our government, and state legislators can’t get elected without pledging to support a convention.

2014+ ?

  1.   I don’t believe anyone knows exactly how or when or what this evolves to. I think we just all hope or believe that somehow it works itself out and we end up in a country or world where people are treated fairly, where morality matters more than money.
  2.   renters/workers strikes tax and mortgage boycotts, thousands of occupied homes and social centers, food, medical and material goods made locally at a community level exchanged freely through the occupation, lots of people dealing with the deep problems in society.
  3.   Clean elections.  Health care for everyonIt is a basic human right.
  4.   Healthier peoplHealthier food, and environment.
  5. Continue with revolution.
  6. By now the obvious obstructionist and corporatist Robert’s court will be expose We will move to impeach Thomas for financial crimes. We will put the Supreme court under disclosure laws, when there is a conflict of interest. We will pressure all three branches of our government to earn our consent with some good govenance for the 99%. We will set up an Occupy people’s congress, to press for world wide reforms for world wide problems. Yes it will be a parallel organization, but the current economic-political leadership is discusting. We will need to lea If we are strong enough, they will follow us. We have to move to sustainability and environmental remediation. We are at peak oil. We have already passed the peak on many other natural resources. We need to begin a way of compassionate, fair, sustainable, human living, around the worl
  7.  When the economic problems are less dificult.  No one should  be homeless unless they choose it as a lifestylAll who can work should be able to find employment and be paid a fair wage and have job and pension protection. Politicians  can only accept a limited amount of campaign money from individual persons (NO Corps, PACs, Lobbyists, or other types of Groups)  War and Corporate Greed will be a thing of the past.  All residents of our planet will be allowed to live in harmony w/ each other and the environment.  Families will be recognized regardless of their lifestyle as long as children are not forced to marry outside of their comfort zone. Religion shall continue to be freely practiced as long as such practice does not harm others in any way.  All persons and animals should be given free medical treatment and should be allowed to die w/ dignity.  No one can be turned away or forced to buy insurance from a private company unless they choose to.  All victims of Violence are protected and supported as they move through the legal system against their attackers.
  8. oh god
  9. My ideal progression is how the following are used: thought, vote, money, time. So eventually, a new society will be established that allows people to pursue something more worthy of their time and spirit than money.
  10. when success isn’t measured by money but rather ability. ability being anything from teaching to creating art some of the poorest people have greatly impacted history already I believe there’s a reason for that.
  11. m.  Ibi
  12. The Constitutional Convention is hosted according to the process proposed by the occupation, and the nation stops for a week as the whole country deliberates about how our government should worThe processes developed by the occupation are extremely successful in engaging all kinds of people because the occupation has had so much experience with the General Assembly process and that experience was reflected upon and used to constantly improve the system.  Because the process is so inclusive and difficult to co-opt, it is easy to reach consensus for a government that doesn’t give special privilege to wealth and corporatNow that small businesses and worked-owned cooperatives are on a level playing field, a grassroots economy explodes.  Through an inclusive governing process, we maintain and create public goods that give everybody a chance to self-actualize.

Say we’ve accomplished our ideal, globally or as a group. What aspects of the present would remain unchanged?

  1.   all the mean stupid people would disappear? Maybe raptured? LOL
  2.   i feel ideals cannot be accomplished only lived and built on, the idea that anything can be changed should remain unchange
  3.   People coming together to share ideas.  I can’t think of anything else. So many things have to change to stop our self-destruction.
  4.   This is a never ending struggle against plutocracy. It has many waysof re-emerging. The Soviet Union for example was not a worker’s paradise, but just another dictatorship. Prefigurative communities will remain. Ruling from below rather than above will remain the method of bringing our most hopeful future. Appropriation of the movement, adoption of the language and stated Ideals of Occupy will be on the lips of smart politicians. We will win by rewarding or punishing politicians for their deeds and ignoring their ever so predictable speeches.
  5. The People’s Right to Free SpeecThe use of consensus to decide on future actions.  Inclusion of all in major decision making, not just representatives subject to greed and influence peddalinInclusion of All without thought of Political Party affiliation.
  6. There is nothing about the way things are that we should hold onto. The movement needs to direct attention away from that to most efficiently and effectively handle new information.
  7. the resources of information we have access to and the drive to continue experimenting with technology in ways that connect us across the world along with learning and diving deeper into science.
  8. Some asshole will still try to take power. Probably some straight white man. 🙂
  9. We’d still have a market economy, we’d still have fundamental rights protected by a constitution, we’d still be able to entertain ourselves and each other.  We’d also still be people, with all the flaws of people.

If a miracle occurred tonight causing the occupy movement to become exactly as we wanted it – all our best qualities magnified, extended, and multiplied – how would you know?

  1.   i view it as a path and not a destination, and i like the path i would be sad if it ended at a certain point.
  2.   People would not have to fear for the future of their children.
  3.    I do not believe in this kind of miracle, I believe in the ongoing lifelong work of prefigurative communities and direct action. People will never be perfect. We are people. We will never be perfect. Ours is a work of endurance, courage, vision, and forgiveness.
  4.   I do believe in the sacrament that occurs in honest trusting communication. It is a relational breakthrough. It looks and feels like something special, something holy to me. That is where I look for miracles.
  5. In my Spirit, and on the internet.
  6. Wal-Mart would be empty, the stock market would be closed, and our government officials would repent and ask for our opinion.
  7. people would be in the streets celebrating and talking and sharing more and more ideas. tvs would be flying out of windows because the current system would mean nothing and the media would have nothing to discuss other than the success of us little people. positivity in every way felt by everyone no matter how rich or poor.
  8. I will be there…

Try to articulate a “core” source of life for the group.

  1.   everyone individually with their own strengths and weaknesses, the relationships that have been formed amongst people who didn’t know each other before. Within any group trying to work towards some goal, one of the most important aspects is making people feel they are a part of something that matters.
  2.   unity, courage, throwing out assumptions, inclusiveness…
  3.   A “will to power” balanced with care for one another.   More socialization.  More emphasis on life long learning. Loving, happy people caring for and enjoying one another.
  4.   “We are those who have seen that the emperor has no clothes. We bring a necessary corrective truth to our worl We are those who are doing something. Our hope is an act of political defiance. It is revolutionary. We are those who understand that everything is connected and we must be the change we wish to see in the worl We make ourselves a community of safety, honesty, and respect for all. Truth, Action, Community, that is my attempt to speak about our core.”
  5. Inclusion.  Reach out for those who are in need and downtrodden.  Giving a true Voice to the People.
  6. It’s something spiritual but beyond religious that I don’t particularly care about trying to articulate. This comes close: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRtc-k6dhgs
  7. our energy and drive to live and to be given equal chances to gain whatever we’re searching for whether it be health, traveling, or a really delicious meal.
  8. Rage and love

What questions would you like to see added to this survey?

  1.   you didn’t have anything about what didn’t work or went wrong. 🙂
  2.   what would cause you to leave the movement what could kill the movement …to negative?
  3.   How does one break into local politics at the very grass roots level?
  4.   How do you garner meaningful support?
  5. How can we make our demonstrations more productive.
  6. What is your top priority list that we must accomplish together to establish an alternative society that is increasingly attractive to and beneficial for the average person as the economy ends?
  7. There is enough.

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