Occupy and Idle No More

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Excuse me a moment while I get serious. The old era is over, and the new age is upon us. The social upheaval predicted by the First Nations people is here. We are the ones we have been waiting for. The Occupy Movement heralded the Idle No More Movement. The ideals of Occupy as expressed in the Occupy Wall Street Declaration of the NYC General Assembly, The Principles of Solidarity and the Statement of Autonomy are in complete solidarity with the Manifesto and Mission of Idle No More.


“Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water. Colonization continues through attacks to Indigenous rights and damage to the land and water. We must repair these violations, live the spirit and intent of the treaty relationship, work towards justice in action, and protect Mother Earth.”

Occupying is about physically taking public space back from the power elite. Public space is defined as everything — the earth and all human knowledge is public. Of course, we started out small — trying to occupy Wall Street itself, then the sidewalk around Chase, and finally settling into the privately owned public space called Zuccotti Park, halfway between (9/11’s) Ground Zero and Wall Street. Occupiers across the globe tried to exercise their inalienable rights to assemble in public space, seek redress for their grievances, and abolish a violently oppressive and destructive global-socio-political-economic-military-industrial-agricultural-educational-medical-etc system.


The act of occupying is a demand that our voices be heard, and action be taken to correct the situations. Maintaining an occupying action, such as Occupy Union Square, Occupy Trinity Wall Street and Occupy Goldman-Sachs, is saying the same thing the Idle No More Movement is saying — we will not be appeased, we will not be silenced, we will not give up. In short, we will not go home and let the status quo remain. We have had enough. Game over, yo. We are not amused.


We have given the power elite enough time to do the right thing, and it is obvious to everyone that they have only further indulged their destructive addictions to money, power and cruelty. It is obvious to everyone that the power elite cares not for the health of the Earth, or of the human species. The insanity of the power elite is killing the species through resource depletion, environmental pollution (including genetically modified organisms polluting the gene pool) and climate change. For the sake of our very lives, and of the lives of our future generations, we can be idle no more.


I occupy everything, everywhere. That is how I am idle no more. I am disappointed that the Occupy Movement failed at connecting with indigenous people around the planet. I am disappointed that the Occupy Movement did not reach out for guidance from the indigenous community. I am disappointed that the indigenous population needed to rise up outside the Occupy Movement. However, perhaps it is for the best as many Occupiers, in my experience, have no idea of their colonizer privilege — and therefore perpetuate the cruel injustices of colonial rule. Perhaps it is for the best that we in Occupy learn about reality the hard way. Perhaps it is for the best that Idle No More lead the way so Occupiers can learn. It is not about the money, it is not about the economy, it is not about reform. It is about people — all people-beings — plant, animal, mineral, spirit. It is about the land and water. It is about love. The age of greed is over and a new age is beginning. We can change everything but first we have to de-colonize our minds, occupy our hearts and realize we can be idle no more.


By our European Colonizer calendar it is the time of a new year. By the spiritual calendar of the indigenous peoples around the globe it is the time of a new era.

We are the 99%. We are all related. We are mad as hell and are not going to take this anymore! We are Idle No More! We will Occupy!

The Occupy Bus Tour

Members of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy New Haven are currently in Florida preparing for the cross-country Occupy Bus Tour. We have a bus currently being converted to run veggie oil, and soon to be outfitted with solar panels. As well, we have a camping trailer we are fixing up. We plan on going to actions across the country serving food, providing street medic services, distributing revolutionary information and books, hosting teach-ins, and generally occupying wherever we go.

Occupy Map of north-central Turtle Island

Occupy Map of north-central Turtle Island

One of the places we will be going is Texas in order to help their blockade of the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline. The exploitation of the Tar Sands is insane by any standard, and must be stopped. “We have been too kind to those who are killing the planet. We have been inexcusably, unforgivably, insanely kind. (Derrick Jensen)” No more, yo! Those who are actively engaged in, or supporting, polluting the biosphere are committing a violent crime against every human on the planet. It is time to recognize that the criminals are the power elite, and it is time for the people to rise up to save the lives of our future generations. It is time to save the species from the violence, the cruelty and the insanity of the rich. It is a matter of the survival of the fittest, not the richest.

Come support the Occupy Bus Tour by reading our blog and spreading the word of what we are doing. While we are here in Florida preparing for the journey we welcome visits by Florida Occupiers. Contact us through our blog: Occupy Bus Tour.


Latest Episode of Occupy Tampa TV

The latested episode of Occupy Tampa TV covers part of the Tampa Bay Regional General Assembly. It aired yesterday on the Tampa Bay Community Network. Also a discussion about police brutality and an exclusive interview with Mayor Bob Buckhorn. The next Occupy Tampa TV show will be on June 19th at 5:30PM ET on TBCN.

Tampa Bay Regional General Assembly

Photo posted on Occupy Tampa’s facebook page.

Welcome back to the public forum!  Democracy is alive and well in Tampa.  Many people from various occupations around the Tampa Bay area came together on Saturday in Lykes Gaslight Park.  The day started off with a breakfast prepared by Food Not Bombs.

The regional general assemblies will meet every two weeks before the RNC.  The next regional general assembly will be in St. Pete at South Straub Park at noon on June 16th.  General assemblies in the Tampa Bay area will still retain their autonomy even if they pass a resolution to participate in the regional general assembly.  Any proposals passed at the regional general assembly can be presented to the local general assembly for approval.  The regional general assemblies will adopt “house rules” which means that facilitation will follow the rules of the hosting occupation.

The regional general assembly got consensus to officially stand in solidarity with the student protests in Quebec.  In addition, the regional general assembly got consensus to put out a national call to action to “Shut Down Bain Capital” on the day that Mitt Romney accepts the RNC’s nomination to protest the corporation’s bad business practices and violating workers’ right.

After the regional general assembly everyone put on their red squares, got their pots and pans, and marched around downtown.

Media Coverage
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Tampa Bay Times

Meeting minutes are here and video of the Solidarity March with Quebec is here.

Police Use Violence to Stop Ron Paul Nominations in Lousiana

At the GOP’s Lousiana state convention, it soon became clear that Ron Paul delegates would win the ballot. The night before, the Convention delegates had voted to remove the Chair of the Rules Committee for not following the bylaws.

When the newly elected Chair of the Rules Committee Mr. Helwig went to take his seat, the Chair of the Republican Party Mr. Villere ordered the police to arrest him. While arresting Mr. Helwig, the police allegedly broke several of his fingers. The state delegation then unanimously voted to elect a new Chair for the Convention. They turned their chairs around and continued the meeting with the new Chair of the Convention Mr. Hertford.

The previous Chair of the Convention, Mr. Villere, ordered the police to arrest the new Chair, Mr. Hertford.  It was feared that the police dislocated Mr. Hertford’s artificial hip when they assaulted him. The new Chair, Mr. Hertford, lay on the floor writhing in pain.  Mr. Hertford suffered bruising, but his hip was not dislocated.  He was released from the hospital and taken to the local police station.  His arrest report said he was arrested for refusing to leave and resisting arrest.

The article on Pixiq also points out that the second video in which Mr. Hertford is tackled by police, a police officer tries to confiscate the video footage.  The Pixiq article states that it is illegal for the police to confiscate video except in extreme circumstances such as murder cases.

View full article from PolicyMic,  the New American, and Pixiq.

View Ron Paul Campaign’s official response.

Regional General Assembly This Saturday June 2nd 11 am Gaslight Park

Occupy Tampa is holding a regional general assembly which will include members from other occupations.  The goal is to help build a regional network for occupations to support each other and communicate.  

FoodNotBombs will host a brunch at 11am and the regional general assembly will be from noon to 3pm.  Remember to bring your pots and pans. We are planning to make some noise in solidarity with the Quebec students, because Americans are also squarely in the red.

Most information about the event is here: