The Occupy Bus Tour

Members of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy New Haven are currently in Florida preparing for the cross-country Occupy Bus Tour. We have a bus currently being converted to run veggie oil, and soon to be outfitted with solar panels. As well, we have a camping trailer we are fixing up. We plan on going to actions across the country serving food, providing street medic services, distributing revolutionary information and books, hosting teach-ins, and generally occupying wherever we go.

Occupy Map of north-central Turtle Island

Occupy Map of north-central Turtle Island

One of the places we will be going is Texas in order to help their blockade of the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline. The exploitation of the Tar Sands is insane by any standard, and must be stopped. “We have been too kind to those who are killing the planet. We have been inexcusably, unforgivably, insanely kind. (Derrick Jensen)” No more, yo! Those who are actively engaged in, or supporting, polluting the biosphere are committing a violent crime against every human on the planet. It is time to recognize that the criminals are the power elite, and it is time for the people to rise up to save the lives of our future generations. It is time to save the species from the violence, the cruelty and the insanity of the rich. It is a matter of the survival of the fittest, not the richest.

Come support the Occupy Bus Tour by reading our blog and spreading the word of what we are doing. While we are here in Florida preparing for the journey we welcome visits by Florida Occupiers. Contact us through our blog: Occupy Bus Tour.


Tampa Bay Regional General Assembly

Photo posted on Occupy Tampa’s facebook page.

Welcome back to the public forum!  Democracy is alive and well in Tampa.  Many people from various occupations around the Tampa Bay area came together on Saturday in Lykes Gaslight Park.  The day started off with a breakfast prepared by Food Not Bombs.

The regional general assemblies will meet every two weeks before the RNC.  The next regional general assembly will be in St. Pete at South Straub Park at noon on June 16th.  General assemblies in the Tampa Bay area will still retain their autonomy even if they pass a resolution to participate in the regional general assembly.  Any proposals passed at the regional general assembly can be presented to the local general assembly for approval.  The regional general assemblies will adopt “house rules” which means that facilitation will follow the rules of the hosting occupation.

The regional general assembly got consensus to officially stand in solidarity with the student protests in Quebec.  In addition, the regional general assembly got consensus to put out a national call to action to “Shut Down Bain Capital” on the day that Mitt Romney accepts the RNC’s nomination to protest the corporation’s bad business practices and violating workers’ right.

After the regional general assembly everyone put on their red squares, got their pots and pans, and marched around downtown.

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Meeting minutes are here and video of the Solidarity March with Quebec is here.

Regional General Assembly This Saturday June 2nd 11 am Gaslight Park

Occupy Tampa is holding a regional general assembly which will include members from other occupations.  The goal is to help build a regional network for occupations to support each other and communicate.  

FoodNotBombs will host a brunch at 11am and the regional general assembly will be from noon to 3pm.  Remember to bring your pots and pans. We are planning to make some noise in solidarity with the Quebec students, because Americans are also squarely in the red.

Most information about the event is here: